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Increased sales and new services that are international confirm it~

San Juan, Puerto Rico - While many local companies continue to declare the end or downsizing of operations, some are still committed to diversifying its services portfolio to stay competitive and investing in its human resources. - air cargo California

In recent days, Magic Transport, a local business and industry leader in ocean and air freight consolidation, warehousing, and distribution services announced its first quarter financial results for 2012, as well as the hiring of a new sales manager, as well as the expansion of services and operation facilities. The announcement clearly reveals that, notwithstanding many local and international economic challenges that Puerto Rican businesses face, Magic Transport has made a commitment to the industry. It has reinvented its operations and obtained new technology to offer its customers more and better services with an entirely new way of sales.

As part of their vision to strengthen and consolidate Magic Transport as the most entire logistics company in the marketplace, President, Carlos Padial, and Vice President, Tony Pabon implemented an all-inclusive plan to get aggressively in both stock and human capital; confident that the strategy would become the formula to their own company success. As element of the execution, Mr. Emilio Robles was hired during the last quarter of 2011 as Director of Sales for Magic Transport, Puerto Rico and the United States. Robles, is a widely recognized executive with over 21 years of experience in the cargo consolidation and logistics options industry for national USA businesses. "We're confident that his ample experience, industry relationships and leadership qualities can help solidify Magic Transport's excellence record in the freight consolidation industry, its vision of continuous development as well as the high quality services and top notch technology we offer our clients," said Carlos Padial, President of Magic Transport.

One of Magic Transport's main strengths is the fact that it really is the only logistics service company, which vary from domestic and international ocean freight service for both LTL (less than trailer load) and TL (trailer load) shipments, warehousing and distribution, and national and international air freight service, which completely runs with their own workforce. "Unlike other firms, our clients do not have to deal with subcontracted agents or intermediaries. Since all our terminal operations, sales and client service regions serviced by our own employees, clients have 24/7 access to information and services directly through our personnel; this fosters clients' self-confidence," stated Pabon, Magic Transport's Vice President.

An investment of more than $ 7 million dollars

Business owners shared the 7-digit figure of quicker and simpler information access , more qualified and proficient staff, and the most substantial investments made in the last three years, which translates into more and better services to satisfy customer needs. Among the most critical of such investments are:

- Building and expansion of the Jacksonville and Miami facilities.

 An "integrated virtual environment" to provide customer information in real time so they can obtain shipment information at any given time from their own computer.

- New occupations, specialized training, cross-selling and complete development plans for employees, who are considered the main asset of the business.

- Moving of California operations to your center which is twice its space.

Magic Transport has experienced a 12% increase of in ocean freight services, as a result of the tactical plan imagined by its owners and the brand new sales approach executed and its air freight services sales have tripled during the first quarter of 2012.

Magic Transport has been differentiated since for their expertise in both America and the Caribbean in the cargo consolidation business and started its operations in 1984. Now, it offers services from 6 terminals in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Their HQ office is located on the Isle, ensuring a better service to its customers. They also added warehousing facilities and air transport services that meet the most rigorous federal regulations on multinational technology demands and inventory and safety control.

Magic Transport will not quit allocating resources to continue solidifying brand recognition and its corporate image; it is also completely committed to develop cutting edge projects that help customers while furthering company increase.

Magic Transport feels totally supported by its exceptionally skilled and qualified people, its business associates, and by a local sales and marketing team, revitalized under new leaders, which promises powerful market growth in the year 2012.

Magic Transport highlights:

Commercial Brands - Magic Transport: Magic Warehousing, Ocean Magic, Magic Air

Occupations created - 126

Terminals - Six 6 located in: Puerto Rico, Miami, Chicago, Jacksonville, California, and New Jersey

Customers -

Serviced Industries - Trend, pharmaceutical, building materials, items that are seasonal, spare

parts and equipment, amongst others.

Technology applications - Web-based system providing real time info for estimates, shipments tracking and online freight pick up service. - air cargo California